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GE 88662 CMH35/MR16/UVC/942/GX10/FL

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Product Overview


GE ContantColor CMH35MR16-UVC-942-GX10-FL C130 35W Pulsearc 4000k Flood 25D Ceramic Metal Halide GX10 MR16 UV-Filter Reflector

Products Details

  • CRI 92
  • 5,500 CBCP
  • Initial Lumen 2200lm
  • ANSI Code M130/C130 
  • Flood 25° Beam Spread
  • Rated Avg. Life 10,000hrs
  • GX10 Twist and Lock Ceramic Base
  • Color Temp 4000K(942) Cool White
  • MOL 2.28in (58mm) x DIA 2in (51mm)
  • Bulb Material: Aluminized With Borosilicate Glass Cover

Recommend Ballast

  • GE #63044 GEMH39-MSJ-MV
  • GE #63045 GEMH39-MSF-MV

Cross Refernence

  • GE #71492 CMH39MR16/942/FL

Additional Information

ConstantColor CMH MR16 ceramic metal halide lamps are an outstanding choice for energy efficiency.
With ratings as high as 95 lumens per watt are 20 percent more efficient than quartz metal halide
4 to 5 times more efficient than halogen lamps.lumen maintenance at 80+ % through the life of the lamp,
you get more of the light you are paying for. Energy efficiency is just one way ConstantColor CMH MR16
reduce your energy bills. Because they are more efficient and produce less heat, & cooling costs as well.


  • Excellent efficiency HID source Reduce energy costs
  • Up to 3 times as efficient as halogen
  • High CRI Means Outstanding light quality.
  • Replacement 35W M130 Ballast & GX10 Sockets Available


(No reviews yet) Write a Review