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Sylvania Octron 32W 3500K T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamp

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Product Overview

Sylvania 4 foot 32 Watt 3500K Color Temp T8 Tubular Fluorescent Light Bulb

  • CRI 78
  • (G13) Medium Base
  • MOL 47.78in x DIA 1in
  • Rated Avg. Life 28,000hrs
  • Initial Lumens at 25C 2800 lm
  • Mean Lumens at 25C 2520lm
  • Sylvania Brand Name Octron® 700, Ecologic
  • Industry Standards ANSI C78.81 - 2001
  • Color Temp 3500K *Natural White* (Octron 735)


 Additional Information:

Sylvania Octron 700 Series 32W 3500k produces a natural white color & 2800 Lumens.. The 30,000 hour average rated life is based on operation at 3 hours per start on a Quicktronic programmed rapid start ballast. Average rated life is 35,000 hours at 12 hours per start on a programmed rapid start ballast. On an instart start ballast, the average rated life is 28,000 hours at 12 hours per start, and 24,000 hours at 3 hours per start. Approximate initial lumens after 100 hours operation. The life ratings of fluorescent lamps are based on 3 hr. burning cycles under specified conditions and with ballast meeting ANSI specifications. If burning cycle is increased, there will be a corresponding increase in the average hours life. Minimum starting temperature is a function of the ballast; consult the ballast manufacturer. Octron lamps should be operated only with magnetic rapid start ballasts designed to operate 265 mA, T-8 lamps or high frequency (electronic) ballasts that are either instant start, or rapid start, or programmed rapid start specifically designed to operate T8 lamps. Octron lamps may be operated on instant start ballasts with ballast factors ranging from a minimum of 0.71 to a maximum of 1.20 at the nominal ballast input voltage. When Octron lamps are operated in the instant start mode, the two wires or two contacts of each socket should be connected to each other. They should then be connected to the appropriate ballast lead wire using National Electric Code techniques. SYLVANIA ECOLOGIC fluorescent lamps are designed to pass the Federal Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) criteria for classification as non-hazardous waste in most states. TCLP test results are available upon request. Lamp disposal regulations may vary, check your local & state regulations. For more information, please visit


(No reviews yet) Write a Review