We Offer A Large Selection Of Hard to Find GE Quartzline Tungsten Halogen, Fluorescent, HID stage and studio lamps, meticulously crafted for professional entertainment lighting applications. Ideal for theatre performances, television studios, film sets, concerts, and other remarkable events, these lamps are designed to create visually stunning environments that ignite creativity and captivate audiences. Explore a diverse range of GE Lighting stage and studio lamps that set the stage for unforgettable experiences.

  • Fresnel Spotlights: Ideal for focusing beams of light on small objects or actors from a distance
  •  GE CSR/CSD Metal Halide Lamps for use in a variety of applications including TV and film, stage, concerts, photographic and large-screen presentation and color simulation. • Excellent color rendering Ra >90 • Daylight color temperature, typically 6000K • Universal burning position • High efficiency up to 100 Lm/Watt • Hot restrike and dimmable with stable color temperature • Superior color stability • Excellent lumen maintenance • Use with electronic or AC magnetic ballast/ignitor control gear • Applications include inside and outside TV and film production, stage, concerts, sporting events, photographic studios, overhead and large-screen projection and color simulation.
  • GE Cinema Fluorescent Lamps
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