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Osram 875303 DULUX L 36W/78 2G11

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Product Overview


Osram Dulux L BL UVA 36W/78 2G11 Blue-UV-A Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Product Details

  • Order Information Dulux L Lumilux 36 W/835 2G11 10/CS 1/SKU
  • Average Rated Life 20,000hrs
  • Base 2G11 (4-Pin)
  • Long Twin Tube Bulb (T5)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80...89
  • Family Brand Name Dulux L
  • Initial Lumens  2900
  • ILCOS #FSD-36/35/1B-E-2G11
  • Industry Standards ANSI C78.901 - 2001
  • Maximum Overall Length - MOL 417.5mm
  • Diameter 0.630in
  • Diameter 16in
  • Nominal Wattage (W) 36
  • Color Temperature/CCT 3500K (835) Lumilux White
  • Could Be Used With Magnetic, Electronic, Or Dimming Ballast


Addiditonal Info:
Approximate initial lumens after 100 hours operation. Minimum starting temperature is a function of the ballast; consult the ballast manufacturer. There is a NEMA supported, industry issue where T2, T4, and T5 fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps operated on high frequency ballasts may experience an abnormal end-of-life phenomenon. This end-of-life phenomenon can resultin one or both of the following: 1. Bulb wall cracking near the lamp base. 2. The lamp can overheat in the base area and possibly melt the base and socket. NEMA recommends that high frequency compact fluorescent ballasts have an end-of-life shutdown circuit which will safely and reliably shut down the system in the rare event of an abnormal end-of-life failure mode described above. The final requirements of this system are yet to be defined by ANSI. For additional information refer to NEMA papers on their WEBSITE at The life ratings of fluorescent lamps are based on 3 hr. burning cycles under specified conditions and with ballast meeting ANSI specifications. If burning cycle is increased, there will be a corresponding increase in the average hours life. Rule of Thumb for Compact Fluorescent Lamps: Divide wattage of incandescent lamp by 4 to determine approximate wattage of compact fluorescent lamp that will provide similar light output.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review