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GE 28709 Q20MR16/HIR/CG10

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Product Overview



GE Constant Color Precise IR 20 Watt Halogen UV-Filter Energy Saving MR16 Spot Reflector

  • CRI 100
  • 6,000 CBCP
  • CC-8 Filament
  • Rated 12 Volt
  • Color Temp 2950k
  • 2-Pin GU5.3 Base
  • MOL 1.77in x DIA 2in
  • Rated Avg. Life 5000Hrs
  • Narrow Spot 10° Beam Spread
  • Replaces 35 Watt Halogen MR16 Lamp  
  • GE Order Code #28709 20W MR16 N.Spot 
  • Sold 20/Case 

Additional Information

  • Compact size, white light, excellent color Precise optical control
  • Delivers a concentrated beam of light right where it's needed
  • Energy Savings Huge Cost of Light Savings on these lamps.
  • These lamps are up to 30% more efficient than standard MR16 lamps.
  • The Precise™ IR halogen capsule has a special infrared coating which redirects this wasted electricity back onto the lamp filament.
  • Using this recycled heat allows the lamp to consume less energy. Crisp, white light GE IR lamps offer great color at 100 CRI & 2950K;
  • The hard coated dichroic reflector with an axial filament produces a very smooth beam pattern. Long lamp life 5000 hour life
  • Less than 1% of light “leaks” out the back of the lamp. Sometimes less than 1 year payback. Direct replacement for existing MR16 lamps
  • Both the IR and ConstantColor® IR lamps operate on the same transformer required for any MR16 lamp. Just install and enjoy the beautiful light & Save energy!
  • UV Control The IR coated capsule and the cover glass combine to virtually eliminate UV-B and UV-C radiation.
  • GE’s Precise  IR is ideal for heat sensitive applications and also reduces fading and discoloration.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review