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GE 13067 CMH400/TT/UVC/U/830/E40

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Product Overview


GE Constant Color 400W S50/M168 Ceramic Metal Halide

Retro-Fit ED18 Lamp Replaces 400W High Pressure

Sodium Lamp Without Ballast or Fixture Change

 Product Details

  • CRI 80-82
  • Volts 95
  • Made In Hungary
  • Lamp Wattage 400W.
  • Bulb Designation ED18
  • Base Type E40 Mogul
  • Rated Life 20,000hrs 
  • Initial Lumens 41000lm
  • Color Temp CCT 3000/3600K 
  • Heat-Resistant Glass Bulb
  • Max. Base Temp. 250 ºc
  • Max. Bulb Temp.400 ºc
  • MOL 9.75in x DIA 2.250
  • EAN Code 0043168130677
  • Universal Burn Position
  • Ballast Requirement ANSI S50/M168
  • Spec Sheet


Additional Information

Product information
ConstantColor™ CMH lamps combine the HPS technology
(providing stability, efficiency & uniformity) and the Metal
Halide Technology (providing bright white quality light)
to produce highly efficient light sources with good colour
rendering and consistent colour performance through life.
This is achieved by using the ceramic arc tube material from
the Lucalox™ lamp, which minimises the chemical changes
inside the lamp through life. When combined with the
halide doses used in Arcstream™ Metal Halide lamps then
the quality and stability of the dose maintains the colour
consistency. Hence the name ConstantColor™ CMH.
Metal halide lamps, traditionally made with quartz arc tubes,
are prone to colour shift through life and lamp-to-lamp
colour variation. Some of the dose, e.g. sodium, (an important
component of metal halide lamps), can migrate through
quartz to cause colour shift and loss of light through life.
The ceramic arc tube resists this material loss, can be
manufactured to tighter tolerances and withstands a higher
temperature to provide a more constant colour.
• Consistent colour over life
• Colour uniformity lamp to lamp
• Excellent colour rendition (CRI: 80+)
• Up to 24% higher efficacy than Quartz Metal Halide
• Up to 24,000 hours life
• UV control
• Easy retrofit for High Pressure Sodium and High Pressure
Mercury lamps

Elliptical and tubular formats
Conventional lamp shapes with a screw-type base enables
existing luminaire designs to use ConstantColor™ CMH lamps
with little or no modification to the optical system.
Coated and clear versions enable close matching to the lamp
types previously used.

Applications areas
• Architectural floodlighting
• Street Lighting
• City Beautification
• Stage/Studio



R Warning:

This lamp can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation from shortwave ultraviolet radiation
if outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punctured, and the arc tube continues to operate.
Do not use where people will remain for more than a few minutes unless adequate shielding
or other safety precautions are used. Certain types of lamps that will automatically
extinguish when the outer envelope is broken or punctured are commercially available.



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