Sylvania 58327 EXN 50MR16/FL35 12V

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Sylvania Lighting 58327 Tru-Aim 50MR16FL35 50 Watt  3000K EXN 12V Flood 35D GU5.3 Base Halogen MR16 Covered Reflector

  • GU5.3 Base
  • Rated 12 Volt
  • Ansi Code  EXN
  • Color Temp 3000k
  • Clear Cover Glass
  • Flood 35° Beam Spread
  • Rated Avg. Life 2,000hrs
  • UV-Filter Axial Filament Capsule 

Additional Information

Every professional knows that light is not always the same when it comes to illuminating heat sensitive objects. Sylvania Tru-Aim IR Dichroic reflector lamp is the right choice because most of the heat produced by the lamp Is emitted through the rear of the reflector. This reduces the heat in the light beam by up to 66 %. It is therefore easier to present heat-sensitive objects in the right light. Delivers a concentrated beam of light right where it's needed Low-pressure discharge vessel for use in open luminaires to IEC 60432-3 Infrared lamp technology Max. seal temperature 370 C (662F) UV Filter capsule with axial filament in covered constant color, hard coated dichroic reflector and infrared reflective coating on the lamp capsule. Max pin temperature 220 C. Max temperature at lens reflector joint 240 C. Brilliant accent light .Made In Germany


(No reviews yet) Write a Review