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Philips Advance IMH-70-A-BLS-ID

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Product Overview


Philips Advance Catalog Number: IMH39ABLSID 1-Lamp 70W M139/143 120-277V 50/60Hz e-Vision Electronic Metal Halide Ballast

  • Rated Voltage: Intellivolt 120-277Volt (50/60hz) 
  • Max Distance To Lamp 5ft.
  • Operates (1)  70W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp
  • Ansi Code C139 Or M143
  • Rated Wattage 70W 
  • Minimum Starting Temp. -20ºC/-4ºF 
  • 90°C maximum case temperature
  • *BLS* Ballast with Bottom Leads with Studs
  • A/B = Metal case with Dim: 5.5in (L) x 3.6in (W) x 1.5in (H)

Additional Information:

  • Ballast will not operate if Insulation Detector is Absent, Shorted or Failed Open
  • Maximum allowable case temperature is 90°C. 
  •  Ignition pulse is 4 kV max
  • All leads are 12 inches long
  • Ballast output will shutdown after 20 minutes if lamp fails to ignite
  • Power must be cycled off – then on, after replacing lamp
  • Use with any Self Heating Thermal Protector (Insulation Detector)
  • having equivalent resistive value 5k to 25k ohm (4 wire versions only)
  • Open Circuit voltage across ID output approx 270VDC


(No reviews yet) Write a Review