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Universal - Triad - B232IUNVHP-B

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Product Overview


Universal Triad B232IUNVHP-B000I 120-277V Low Profile Instant Start Nema Premium T8 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast Used To Operate (1 or 2) Of The Following Lamps:

  • (1-2) F17T8/ECO 24in Fluorescent Lamp
  • (1-2) F25T8/ECO 36in Fluorescent Lamp
  • (1-2) F32T8/25W 48in Energy Saving F32T8 25W Lamps
  • (1-2) F28T8/28W 48in Energy Saving F32T8 28W Lamps
  • (1-2) F32T8/WM 48in Energy Saving F32T8 30W Lamps
  • (1-2) F32T8 (48in FO32/ECO 32W Standard Lamps)
  • (1) FO40 60in Fluorescent T8 Lamp
  • (2) F25T12 36in Fluorescent T12 Lamp
  • Also Suitable For Equivalent U-Bend Fluorescent T8 Lamps

Product Details

  •  B232IUNVHP-B Has Been Discountine Replaced By B232IUNVHP-N000I

  • High performance electronic ballast for all general fluorescent applications
  • Instant start electronic ballast for long lamp starting cycles and low initial cost
  • Multi-Voltage Technology handles voltage from 120 to 277V
  • Light-weight, Low Profile Housing (Dim:9.5”L x 1.7”W x 1.18”H)
  • Parallel Circuitry: keeps remaining lamps lit if one or more go out
  • Line Voltage: 108vac - 305vac, 50/60Hz
  • Manufactured in North America 
  • Meets ANSI Standard C82.11-1993
  • Normal Ballast Factor < 10% THD
  • Sound Rating A (20-24 decibels)
  • RoHs Compliant
  • UL Type 1 Outdoor

Cross Reference:

  • GE-232-MV-N
  • Sylvania QTP2X32T8/UNV ISN-SC
  • Philips Advance ICN-2P32-N
  • Howard EP2/32IS/120-277
  • Halco Prolume EP232IS/MV/SL
  • Keystone KTEB-232LBF-UV-TP-PIC


(No reviews yet) Write a Review